Glimpse Video Auditing | Ideal For Bar Integrity

Allow me to introduce you to Glimpse, a new technology designed for the hospitality industry that can dramatically reduce employee cost, increase revenue and margins, all while dramatically impacting the guest experience in your restaurant and bar. Our auditors collect images from video cameras of all drinks and food sales - this dashboard is clearly intended to improve the overall work flow efficiency and financial performance of your restaurant and bar.

"Trust but verify, We verify so you can Trust."

A few key deliverables from Glimpse you can count on:

  • Food and Beverage Sales: If a product (food or beverage item) is sold out of the kitchen, bar or drive through, we capture and count it. Counted items are matched to POS rings up. Variance reports show sales of ALL categories that have been served, yet not accounted for per your SOP's (standard operating procedures.) This alone will create dramatic breakthrough for management.
  • Guest Satisfaction:  Critical in today's hospitality culture is the "way in which" your team members communicate with your guest they come in contact with.  We capture and audit for your review which can provide tremendous advantage and leverage for your teams.  Video audits can also be extended to view restroom cleanliness, back dock security and proper inventory of food and beverage products in our upcoming phase technology deployment.
  • Cameras: Standard network cameras are utilized to capture all activity. Camera size can be extremely small with little to no visibility to your honored guest and the cameras are networked to our local PC and the internet. Data is pulled from POS and matched to for all activities including sales and configured so that you can review day to day activity.  Customers are blocked for identity purposes, however Glimpse can track specific employee sales/service transactions if requested.
  • Hassle FREE: No training required, no maintenance and zero hassle to you from our service.
  • Reports:  Glimpse provides dashboard reports which allow you to immediately recognize then resolve areas of concern. Typically we report weekly so that the data is more meaningful.  We coach managers to ensure all tools are utilized for the intended purposes and industry best practices from our expert leadership team.

I would love to demo this with you, along with David Teller, Founder, and Paul Radu, CEO. We would take about 30 minutes of your time and we can do as a webinar, so that you can see and learn from them first hand, the success of this tool. Please contact me at the number or email below for more details