You would be surprised at some of the results I see as I visit properties throughout the year. Most have led to the discovery of considerable low-hanging fruits in areas that need work. Often resulting in improved revenues, efficiencies, and bottom line improvements.

I know that lots of time, money, planning, and forethought [read: blood, sweat, and tears] has been put into these operations, but it does not take long for the team wander off the path. Sometimes some of the smallest details have a huge impact.

When we live in a forest, as time goes by, we lose sight of the trees. When things are going well, who bothers to look too closely at the staffing levels? Who looks closely at purchasing, waste, and over-production when the numbers are good?

Who checks what the capture rate is regarding in-house guests or regular numbers for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Who is checking your average check, P&L, and expenses, your social media, and customer feedback? What does your gut say about the health of your establishment; are you happy?

If the answer is not yes, I suggest that it is time to do a “check-up”. This is where Focus – F&B can help with our QRA visit [Quality Restaurant Analysis visit]. Our QRA is a one-time snapshot that includes the following:

·      Physical inspection of all areas.

·      Guest experience aspects: service, public areas, food, and beverages.

·      Operational review of property: front and back of house.

·      One-on-one meetings with key staff.

·      Review of operational results, financials, and budget performance.

·      Review of social media and marketing efforts.

·      Comprehensive roadmap for improvement, with follow up as needed.

The program includes an on-site visit of 3-5 days. The return on investment will show in no time.

You will know where you stand, how the operations are going, and what the health is of your property!

Call us for more information; you will not regret it!

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