My role as your life coach is to curate Your Passion + Your Skills + Your Personality, and work with you to develop your personal brand. In other words – organize, develop, and present you in a refined, restyled, groomed, and intentional manner.

Whether you are looking to grow in your company, yourself personally, or develop a new start-up business, I can help. In today’s world, to be heard, relevant, and make a difference, you need the enthusiastic support, objective opinion, and insight of an experienced coach who will help curate your skills. My goal is to help you reach the peak of your potential and attain the visions you have for your life.


At  Life Curated, our curator, or executive life coach, listens, plans with, encourages and advises individuals on work-related and personal issues. The coaching process takes on professional goals and personal visions while also looking at how that person is viewed and comes across to others. We will create a plan to move towards your goals. Together, we will look at what hurdles are in the way, and then transform your current reality towards the end goals by creating steps which identify likely challenges and obstacles all to devise a plan of action designed to achieve the goals created.

Too often in life, we are hindered by personal and professional mannerisms that we are unable to see and our friends, family and co-workers see but are too polite to really get into.

The life curator relationship with you is that of an innovative and abstract partner which will help to:
– Identify, clarify and create a vision for what you want
– Use their expertise to modify goals as needed
– Support and push you towards self-discovery
– Develop and lead you to create strategies and a plan of action based on what fits best with your goals, personality, and vision
– Foster your self-discipline, accountability, and productivity


People choose a life coach because they want to continue to develop and do more tomorrow than they can today. They want to improve themselves, see growth, and do so rapidly for the good of themselves, their companies, and their families.


Team coaching has proven to be a very successful program for leadership groups and is available at your work site,  a neutral site, or retreat venue.

The process starts with the leader will fills out team goals ideas, sets the date, time, and location.  Each individual has an hour of pre-work, followed by the full day coaching session.  The team begins the day as as a group, with skill-set evaluation, then individual coaching with Russ, and on to reunite with the group, to create and finalize goals and strategy.  Follow-up meetings generally occur at 3 and 6 month intervals. This format helps cohesiveness and team unity in any team environment. This can be very helpful in a workplace environment, sports,or social groups.

Russ operates worldwide using various video mediums.

Russ is a Certified IACC Life Coach, Certified Mentor, Crisis Counselor, and member of the Life Coach Training Institute

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Life Curated was created after years as an Executive leading the hotel and restaurant industry where I coached and mentored management staff positioning them to be ready for Executive level positions. I did this locally for my teams and also as a certified mentor for the region. I then began volunteering as a counselor, anonymously counseling others through the Crisis Text Line, which has added depth and meaning to the process, leading me to this passion of helping to guide and improve people's lives, both for executive and personal coaching. 

I will use my skills, knowledge, and experience to evaluate your specific situation. We will look at personality, skill-set, and communication styles and provide honest feedback, strong direction, mentoring, and coaching, that will help to establish the vision and pathway for your life. I will work with you, helping to create the new you that can get you to the next level, and give you the confidence to achieve your goals. 

Here are the basics of how we will proceed:

  1. Vision Build - Through collaboration, we will work together to develop the vision for your life.
  2. “As Is” Evaluation - We will assess where you are currently. A kind of state of the union. We will review communication style, core values, presentation skills, leadership style, and personality style, while we build a relationship of honesty and openness.
  3. Blockers - Talk about your concerns, roadblocks and areas of growth.
  4. Generate Goals - step by step plans with timelines and specific measures.
  5. Start on the path, with bi-weekly calls, follow-up and accountability session.

My leadership style is one of Innovation, Integrity and Optimism.  I will help you to find yours and lead you to be the best that you can be! We operate worldwide using various video mediums. 

Russ is a Certified IACC Life Coach, Certified Mentor, Crisis Counselor, and member of the Life Coach Training Institute that prides himself on his strong Christian values.

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