Should we talk about our beliefs at work?

Our beliefs dictate and lead our daily decisions, and we use these principals to guide us on how we run our business on a daily basis. With that being said, the work place is a great place to model Christian values.  It can be off-putting to people to feel like they are being forced into a conversation, but by living by the Word, you have an opportunity to draw them to you and open up the dialogue on their terms.  I don’t believe that we should avoid ever talking about how thankful we are to have God’s grace or how our beliefs are our guiding principles in which we use to make decisions on a daily basis. Should we take the high road, or should we put someone down? Is this God’s will for my life or my own?

Let’s not be afraid or ashamed of our personal beliefs. When we feel led, sharing our beliefs and what we base decisions on shows good, confident leadership, and helps share the word in a non-threatening way.

You are blessed to have the benefit of God’s wisdom and guidance; don’t keep it all to yourself

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