Our Mission Statement



We strive to create memorable experiences in food and beverage with exceptional quality menu items and curated service in an exciting ambiance.
Our philosophy is that quality and service create your reputation. Your reputation translates into revenues, and with great systems, your revenues turn into profit.
This strategy of increasing revenues and decreasing costs adds value to guests, managers, and owners alike!



Our work and approach

As your partner in the F&B arena, we will strive to take your facility to the higher levels. We know how to create innovative concepts and leverage crucial resources that will make your restaurant the most memorable place to visit. Our experience, concepts, and ideas can work wonders for your property. Our founder, Russ Blakeborough, is a passionate food and beverage consultant, who believes in improving quality, service, and ambience.

Why Focus F&B

Choosing our services and solutions can prove to be a big impetus for your brand and get you on-track. Irrespective of the facility, you can find high-quality tools, resources, and processes to improve F&B quality. I will offer tailor-made solutions to your restaurant. Here are some of reasons you may consider building associations with us:

  • New ideas: Improving an existing location or launching a new restaurant isn’t as easy as it might sound. New ideas and concepts can carve a distinctive niche for your brand, thus making it a lovable, cozy, and warm place. Our real-world, industry experience can kick-start your business and make improvements that can last for years to come.
  • Analysis: Market analysis will help you identify specific demands of what your market needs are and incorporate this into your strategy.
  • Marketing: Social media is so important and can make the difference in your success. Your bar or restaurant needs the right marketing impetus to captivate potential visitors. Once guests visit your establishment, you will have the chance to leave indelible impressions on their minds with your Food & Beverage!
  • Hospitality service coaching: When it comes to pleasing food lovers and making an impression, it comes down to much more than cooking and serving. Professional staff coaching is a prime requisite, as that is the key to providing a warm and memorable guest experience.
  • Profit improvement with quick ROI: Our methodical approach to increasing revenue and putting in place checks and balances to control costs, will pay for itself and provide a quick Return on Investment

Whether you own restaurants, boutique hotels, bars, or eateries - the Focus F&B team will be right there to support you. We dream big, and we dream to make you successful.  We have the experience and reputation to make it happen. Our goal is to set your restaurants and bars apart from the crowd. We will provide a step-by-step, road-map for improvement with follow-up to monitor progress. In addition, we have various levels of support available through continued on-site training, implementation of systems, and follow-up.

Creativity is what drives our passion for food and beverage.  It’s the fun part of the business, and why we love it so much.  Focus - F&B will find innovative solutions for your restaurant or bar that will increase revenues and profits.