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Our Mission is You.

It is all about you. 

At  Life Curated, our curator, or executive life coach, listens, plans with, encourages and advises you on work-related and personal issues.

The coaching process takes on professional goals and personal visions while also looking at how that person is viewed and comes across to others. Reviewing barriers and blockers.

We will create a plan to move towards your goals. Together, we will look at those hurdles and then transform your current reality towards the end goals by creating steps which identify likely challenges and obstacles all to devise a plan of action designed to achieve the goals created.

The first few sessions are about building the vision, discovering who you are, and evaluating where we are in the process. Then we will create and begin working on bi-weekly goals. These are created together, and  designed to keep you on track and you move through these steps. 

All sessions are done on your schedule. We use video streaming so that you can work from the comfort and privacy of your office or any secluded area. What we discuss is completely confidential, which enables us to get into any topics that you wish.


How we work.

Deliberate and measured steps towards getting to your goals.

  • Vision Build.  Through collaboration, we will work together to develop the vision for your life.


  • “As Is” Evaluation.  We will assess where you are currently. A kind of state of the union. We will review communication style, core values, presentation skills, leadership style, and personality style, while we build a relationship of honesty and openness.


  • Identify Blockers.  We will explore and dive into your concerns, roadblocks, and areas of growth.


  • Generate Goals.  The important part! You will be guided through a process to create step by step plans with timelines and specific measures.


  • Start the Journey.  Head down the path to success, with bi-weekly calls, follow-up and accountability session.