Detailed - Through - Reliable


Allow me to introduce More Detail - Cleaning Service Inc. We are a full-service commercial cleaning night cleaning company that works exclusively with quality hotels, resorts, spas, and office buildings, nationwide. We are known for our thoroughness and quality, and specialize in keeping immaculate public areas that show off the quality of the space. In the kitchen, we understand the importance of food safety and cleanliness, and take pride in the Chef’s feedback and blessings. In the back-of-the house and housekeeping, we treat your staff areas with the same level of detail. We have also performed third-shift stocking as part of our role. We pride ourselves on being a reliable, worry-free partner, who will take care of your business seven nights a week. Additionally, we supply many of our clients with day-time temporary associates, fulfilling needs in housekeeping, stewarding and banquets on a regular basis.


More Detail Cleaning Service Inc. has gained its solid reputation in the Hotel Cleaning Industry by delivering  a detailed quality cleaning and polishing, for lowest price, and by being responsive to any and all needs.


We can clean everything, from the floors, to the ceiling, no matter how small! Our crew is professional and their goal is your satisfaction. We would enjoy the opportunity to expand our market presence by gaining your business as well. Our promise is to maintain and improve the cleanliness of your work environment.


If you are in the market for maintenance services or you are not satisfied with your current service, More Detail Cleaning Service Inc. will be happy to provide you with a no-commitment and no-hassle quote.

On behalf of everyone at More Detail Cleaning Service Inc., I want to thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Nina Yun - Managing Director, More Detail