Why is my food cost high?

There are lots of variables to consider when trying to figure out your food cost issues:

·       Is your menu priced correctly?

·       Double check what you are paying for your product versus other vendors, and versus your recipe card, and menu price.

·       How much waste are you producing? If the team needs to prep food that is not selling, we need to adjust something.

·       Are you and your staff eating the profit? Everything should be recorded. Even your meals should be recorded and backed out of food cost!

·       How is the P.O.S.? Are you collecting the correct amount? Check each menu item.

·       Are we counting our inventory correctly? Review in detail and spot check.

·       Do you have a theft issue? How do we know, and then how do we deal with this? And yes, this happens! [a lot]

·       Is there an accounting issue? Check what was paid vs. what was purchased.

·       What is your true food cost potential given no waste?

·       What is our food cost actual, and then what is the variance?

It’s really simple when you look at it like this. It is simple math. You need to identify where the issue is, and then drill down until you find an answer... there always is an answer!

These are just some very simple basics to start with. Call us an expert for a more in-depth review.