Refreshing Your Restaurant – Do you need New Lipstick & Blush, a Make-Over, or Plastic Surgery?

Refresh, Rebrand or Redesign?

Does your restaurant feel out of date? Tired? Is your service dragging? Food good, yet, kind of vanilla? Is your marketing fading? Are sales declining? You don’t even want to eat there!

Below, we will narrow down the choices, so that you can a better understand what you need, want, and can afford when considering a refresh of your space.

A Refresh is the least expensive option. Like doing your own makeover-grab a friend, a glass of wine, and try some new ideas.  A new hair-do, stylish outfit, and Bam, you are in business! Sometimes, this is all that you need: a new menu, gather the staff, do some training and encouraging, have some one-on-one time with your manager, and appoint a social media champion.  Then you are off to the races! Like new shoes and a new suit, it will transform how a person is perceived and can give your restaurant a new identity. A refresh can keep your current recognized look and feel, but bring new life to your floundering concept.

A Rebrand will take you to a new level. This is where you re-think who you are, what your message is, and how are you presenting yourself. In other words, change your brand. Of course, it will require everything from the first paragraph: new menus and new vigor, plus a new vision, more extensive training, a defined marketing plan, new brand elements, and brand voice. It usually requires a new logo, menu and style, a new color scheme, new table-top, different music, and maybe a light décor shift.

This does not have to be expensive, can be done on many different levels, and can be done to fit budgets all while giving your restaurant a great new, vibrant and exciting look and feel!

A Redesign encompasses all of the above with the additional step of bringing in a design team, that can work with us in harmony, to redesign the space to fit our concept. Other items to consider: lighting, layout, ambiance, visual components, color schemes, flooring. Re-invent your space. What are you looking for: quiet and demure? stylish and elegant? or hip and trendy? Should you take down that wall and open up the space, open the bar to the restaurant, create an outside entrance, establish a less cavernous feel when not full by creating smaller sections, or bring life to the ceilings. Whatever your dreams are, this is the time to re-imagine. As Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Please let me know at Focus - F&B, if you are thinking about a Refresh of your Food and Beverage Operations. I can assist and lead you through what could be a stressful time!