A Place to Chill – Your Hotel Lobby

It is a growing trend to move food and beverage out into the lobby space, and these are the three reasons why.

I’m sure you have all been to hotels where the lobby is dull, quiet, and uninviting. And I know you realize this does not create a memorable atmosphere. Giving activity and sound to your lobby enhances the ambiance and gives it a feeling of warmth and vibrancy. Many travelers are on the road and find the prospect of sitting alone in a hotel room daunting, but often don’t have too many choices. What’s worse than sitting in a hotel room by yourself in a strange city?  By making your lobby inviting, you can add value to the guests and bring them back.

Feeling of Connectivity
When guests enjoy their stay and look forward to coming back, this only helps your hotel’s reputation, which in turn, helps occupancies and revenues. Get your guests out into the lobby. Let them enjoy mixing or “chillaxing”.  Maybe they want to read, work, chat, or just watch a show while having a bite to eat and a beverage, but if you provide a fun, safe, and vibrant atmosphere, they can do this and still feel connected with the world.

Not only will you have additional rooms revenue, you will have the food and beverage revenues associated with this activity. If you have tantalizing food that people want, and you can present it fast, fresh, and smelling good, this is only going to promote more sales, which equals happy guests and increased revenue. People that stay in and enjoy this exciting lobby experience, won’t venture out to unknown local restaurants. It all just makes sense!

As discussed, this all adds up to an increase in revenue and in repeat business. So, eliminate all the reasons why you don’t want to, or can’t do it, but instead focus on a plan to start it soon, and do it well! This will pay off.


For help with your lobby concept and operational hurdles, please contact Russ Blakeborough, at russ.blakeborough@focus-fb.com