It’s the Main Thing!

Who has time to really sit back and evaluate and consider what our guests really think about our operation? The one, into which I put some much of my blood, sweat and tears. The one that I spend more time at, more than I do with my family. What are my kid’s names again? All kidding aside, I think we have all fallen into this trap at some time or other.

Let’s remember the reason we are open, and why we have jobs. The main thing is happy customers. What is the need of the main thing? They want a great stay, great food, with great service, and a memorable experience. This goes for whether they are eating for a need, or dining for pleasure, staying for business or a fun weekend getaway, it is still the same. The main thing is making people happy.

Take a look at your Yelp comments, or TripAdvisor, Open Table, what are customers there saying about their experience? Talk to some of your customers [this shouldn’t be a novel concept] and ask why they come back [or not]. Are they eating there because it is convenient, or are they driving out of their way because you have something special?

Going through the motions of keeping the restaurant going every day, is a lot of work, but it shouldn’t overshadow the main thing. The main thing, really the only thing, is happy customers! The main thing will keep your restaurant open. Without them it is only a matter of time before you see the dreaded For Sale sign out front!

I work with many hotels, restaurants, and individuals, and this would be true in most. It can be said for any business category, or even in life in general. Recognizing the Main Thing is so important, take a look at yours today.




Russ Blakeborough is a Hospitality Consultant with Focus F&B

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