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Your newly created concept should be an expression of you and your dreams. It must be fresh and unique, and a truly memorable experience.

All aspects of the restaurant and bar need to designed to tie together and  to create branding that is rich, creative, and most importantly, has Sizzle!

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Refresh, Rebrand, or Redesign

Whether you are looking to Refresh, Rebrand, or Redesign your restaurant, we tailor our solutions to your needs. This is the typical process:

  1. Perform market overview
  2. Conduct current assessment of restaurant [or plans]
  3. Define 5 competitive market restaurants 
  4. Based on findings and research, create concept proposal options.
  5. Finalize into detailed final design board presentation

A visit to the restaurant and bar space is key. Seeing and feeling the space to evaluate the space potential and visualize the style is important; it always feels different in person. Our consultant will walk the space in detail, take pictures, review floor plans, and interior design. Space maximization is key; the layout and footprint will be evaluated at that time, as well. We then review as a group and discuss a series of questions about your vision - dreams, needs, and wants. We will also talk about any ideas that you may have for the restaurant design concept taking into account equipment, kitchen space, seating, bar area, etc. Talking with key members of your team, including the Chef, is a vital part. On the same visit, and then later online, we will evaluate area restaurants, review what is in walking distance, look at what is in the city, and generally get a good feel for the local restaurant scene.

Upon return to the office and much research, we will present three concepts to narrow down the direction. Once finalized, we will create the plan/design board and detail out the final concept in a Keynote presentation that speaks to all items listed below.

Your final design board will represent everything that you will need to brand your restaurant, distinguish it as something unique, and set it apart from the crowd. Key concepts will include branding, food menu items and ingredients, key beverage concepts and signature cocktails, images, brand words, logo, colors, shapes, music and key design elements. The concept for restaurant design we create with you will not be a pie in the sky dream, but a realistic and tenable solution, based on your budget and needs.

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Our Restaurant Creation concepts will bring together all aspects of the restaurant space and include recommendations for:

Name and Logo | Concept Theme | Concept History and Story Lines | Food Menu Conceptual Ideas | Beverage Menu Conceptual Ideas | Decor Needs | Color Palette | Music & Lighting | Table Top Items | Signature China, Glass, or Flatware | Wardrobe |  Kitchen Equipment and Layout Needs | Special and Weekly Event Options |  Service Style | Brand Speak | Social Marketing Plan



Cuban Fusion Concept created in 2016



Biscay - Modern Basque Cuisine 2017


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