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2. Concept Creation

New Development & Branding

Focus F&B will work with you to develop a concept, or create one from scratch to fit your vision, property style, and physical location. Alongside your team, we will develop logos, color schemes, brand statements, brand voice, historical and pertinent stories, a marketing schedule, service standards, culinary product standards, and all other aspects that will bring the concept to life, increase revenues, and enhance the reputation of your property.

Development options include:

  • restaurant, bar, and kitchen design 
  • restaurant décor and ambiance 
  • menu and theme concept [food and beverage]
  • logo creation 
  • standard operating procedures 
  • timelines 
  • key staff recruitment 
  • advertising and social media plan

3. Restaurant Success Partnership

For one low monthly fee, Focus F&B will dedicate themselves to your restaurant's success and be fully committed to your continued improvement.  This full service plan includes:

  • Initial visit
  • action plan
  • monthly reviews
  • coaching
  • follow up call
  • one service call monthly, as needed [travel expense additional]

Six month minimum. Billed monthly

    5. Restaurant Openings

    Planning & Operational Support

    Development of a timeline and schedule is the first step to create and map out a plan with monthly, weekly and daily goals. We will develop checklists and processes, systems, and all documents necessary for a smooth opening.

    These include:

    • POS set-up 
    • staff coaching and culture creation
    • on-floor presence, prior to, and including opening day 
    • coordinate with your Chef to create final menu, plating guide, menu descriptions for FOH, recipe cards [costed], menu tasting, and pricing recommendations 
    • kitchen line layout to include prep lists and amounts, order-guide revisions, purchasing and sourcing of new items, culinary opening timeline
    • coordinate with marketing team to produce press releases, social media blasts, and opening events

    6. Corporate F&B Director

    We can fill the role as your Corporate F&B Director or F&B Support setting the tone, direction, and culture of your hotel company’s F&B operations. We can manage the communications to each hotel’s leadership to create and/or follow up on standards, create and introduce new roll-outs, branding compliance, and staffing assistance. The role will also provide support for, and unite with, the F&B leadership teams across your portfolio as the conduit to the corporate office team.

    7. Task Force Assistance

    We can assist in person or recommend resources to provide coverage on-property during any gaps in your top leadership positions, during a transition period, or for special event coordination. We have experience in task force assignments as General Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Rooms, Director of F&B, or Executive Chef.

    8. Marketing Plan

    Local and Social Marketing Planning

    All of our above efforts are wasted without a solid marketing plan to get the word out about your operation and get customers in the door! We provide marketing assistance with thorough evaluation in the following areas:

    • Current Strategies
    • Competitive Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Customer Feedback

    Our Services Menu

    1. Property Reviews                                           2. Concept Creation

    3. Restaurant Success Partner                           4. Service and Culture Coaching

    5. Restaurant Openings                                     6. Corporate F&B Director

    7. Task Force Assistance                                    8. Marketing Coordination

    9. F&B Executive On-Boarding


    1. Property Reviews

    Restaurant F&B Analysis and Hotel Property Evaluations

    The first portion of our review focuses on reputation and revenue enhancement. Here, we evaluate product quality, guest experience, and evaluate customer service - resulting in creating a roadmap for improvement.

    The second part focuses on systems and controls with the goal of bringing more to the bottom line. This is centered on enhanced systems, procedures, and minimizing waste, while not taking away from the quality and service levels.

    The three or five-day visits follow a detailed review of your operation: 

    front-of-the-house                              purchasing         

    back-of-the-house                              P&L/profitability            

    menu and menu design                      interviews with management/Chef

    marketing and social media                service coaching

    staffing levels                                       culinary

    training                                                 beverage

    systems                                                 ambiance

    This is followed by a comprehensive roadmap on how to turn around and re-direct your operations. The plan for success can be self-driven or Focus F&B assisted.

    Additionally, we have operational and rooms experience and are experienced at property reviews. The Hotel Review includes: check-in, check-out, welcome factor, PBX, service standards, room inspections, brand standards, and cleanliness. Of course, these can also be customized.

    4. Service and Culture Coaching

    Leadership Coaching/Mentoring

    Creating the service culture of your establishment is key to your success. This is a strong part of the skill set coaching that we provide-not just how to, but why. Just as important is retaining this knowledge and culture once our coach leaves. The leadership portion is key to making it stick. Follow-up visits, or culture maintenance agreements, are also highly recommended

    Individual Director, Manager, or Executive Chef mentoring is also available

    Coaching topics:                     

    Leadership Development - How to Hold Your Team Accountable

    How to Improve Your On-Floor Presence & Manager Effectiveness

    Service Coaching [Part I, II, Advanced, Bar Service, Culinary Skills]

    Creating a Culture of Service [whole hotel or restaurant specific]

    Service Basics 101                                           Developing Service Culture

    Steps of Service                                               Craft Cocktail Culture           

    Advanced Dinner Service                                Wine Skills 101

    Leading a Team to Greatness                          Engaging Your Team

    Social Media Engagement                              Profit Improvement

    Culinary Safety                                                Hire the Right Team

    Additional topics can easily be added using our template, which will be branded to your company and left for your continued use. 

    Training plans are completed in person, using our Keynote, PowerPoint or Webinar presentations customized to your needs and brand.

    9. F&B Executive On-Boarding

    F&B Director and Executive Chef Orientation

    Who trains your new F&B leaders? Where do they get the sorely needed skills necessary to run a creative, efficient, and profitable operation? Invest in them and in your restaurant.  Our hands-on approach will develop your new leaders on all areas that they need to know in their new role. We have a full checklist that will be customized to your branding and operational procedures. Three-day or full-week coaching is available.

    Retainer, Hourly, & Daily Rates Available

    Call us today to discuss - or get a hassle-free proposal:  912-312-2919