The 7 Daily Habits of a Great Hotel Leader


Being a great hotel leader requires many skills. There is a lot to learn, little time to learn it, and often no-one to learn it from. Remembering these 7 helpful habits as you enter the daily whirlwind of hotel life, may bring you some respite.


Keep a positive attitude all the time.     Your attitude is infectious. Your team will mirror your confidence and attitude.


Blame Yourself.     It is all in your control. Don’t blame others: not guests, Corporate, your boss, or your staff. As a manager or leader, you have control. Try a different way; ask yourself: “How can I approach this differently?”


Walk a mile in his/her shoes.    Easy to say, but when was the last time you took an order, served an order, ran a shift, did closing paperwork, cleaned the kitchen? Understanding what your team goes through is key.


Trust your team.     Have 100% trust in your team.  However, make sure you put systems and controls in place so you can confidently enjoy trusting the team.


Put your staff on a pedestal.     Treat them very well and with the highest regard. They are your life-blood; do not take them for granted. Celebrate them! Focus on the top 20% of performers, not the bottom 20%.


Create a consistent, disciplined work environment.     Everyone should know the guidelines and rules. They need to be consistently and un-emotionally upheld to everyone. When you have this in place everyone will know that there is equity & accountability. Then you can all have fun!


Remember, you work for them.      Remember the upside-down pyramid. The team is on the front line doing the actual job. You are there to make sure that they have everything they need. That means emotional and physical support, supplies, proper scheduling, etc. Your job is to take care of your team and make sure that they are happy!



Thinking with this simple shift in mind-set, can and will, make your job so much less stressful!


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