Top Ten Reasons to use a Restaurant Consultant

1.      Restaurant Success

2.      Concept change

3.      Increase revenues

4.      Change course

5.      Save money

6.      2nd opinion

7.      Evaluate systems

8.      Establish culture

9.      Training of teams

10.  Assist with projects


Bringing in an outside consultant can be a difficult decision. Some the reasons that people do not use one are: personal pride, the expense, and not really understanding what a restaurant consultant does to help the operation. Let’s talk about these three areas.


Personal Pride

The types of people that tend to get into the hotel or restaurant business are usually very creative individuals that are entrepreneurs with a strong passion for creating and delivering great food and beverage. Part of being successful in this business is based on having the pride and determination that is needed to make it happen. Hiring a consultant does not in any way diminish your accomplishments, the success, and the skills that you have.  Rather, it brings in an outside opinion, one that is emotionally unattached, can add to your skills, and can help you assess just where you are, and in turn help develop a plan to get you where you want to be.


The Expense

This can range based on the job needs, but usually is from $1,500 – $3,000.  This may seem like a lot at first glance, but compared to the difference it can make, the service can often pay for itself in just 1-3 months. Increasing revenues and cost savings can continue for years and even multiply to pay off tenfold or more.


What does a Consultant do?

A good consultant can help with all areas of your operation. This ranges from creating a new concept or developing the current one, evaluating food quality, menus, service, pricing, expenses, marketing, staff training and more. A good consultant will work with you and your style, and work within your parameters and framework of ideas to discover ways to make you more money.


Given these facts, consider talking to a consultant on the phone. This can allow you the chance to talk in detail about how it works, and review your operational needs so that you are well equipped to make a sound business decision. Most would be happy to do so without any expense or commitment.


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